Suffolk Arms 

cocktail bar and restaurant


PROJECT: The goal of this project was to introduce a voice to this New York craft cocktail bar. The menu pays homage to the modern cocktail revival, with classic cocktails attributed to the mixologist and bar that created Gonzalez’s favorite versions, but some of the best are his own original recipes. Gonzalez has two full menu pages dedicated to caffeinated cocktails. The outside is Mets blue and orange, and the dark wood. The bar’s mascots, displayed on the logo and menu, are the New York Public Library’s twin stone lions, Patience and Fortitude. Walls and pages are adorned hand-sketched portraits of 83 Gotham notables ranging from former Mayor Ed Koch to activist Jane Jacobs and rapper Jam Master Jay.

The scope of the project involved extensive user research, knowing the companies wants and needs. Creating art in the environment that would be engaging and menu designs that would be clear and classic.

ROLES: Print, Packaging, Interior, Art.


Small Batch Design of Christmas Coquito


The bar is composed of 62 portraits of influential New Yorkers throughout history, now on permenant display.

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