arts and culture magazine 


PROJECT: We Are is both a print and online magazine targeted at women that value a creative thinkers, ground breaking music, art, and lifestyle. 

The concept of We Are is to expose in a positive light the creative thinkers, the groundbreaking musicians, innovative artists, the denizen chefs and designers that set make they’re region what it is.

Each month, We Are tracks the trends to release a cultural guidepost on a new city, marked by an unmistakable passion for a place someone calls home. The scope of the project involved extensive user research, curating stories, photographing, creating a marketing strategy, as well as, building a web presence. 

I began by building out the print version of the magazine and then designed/developed the online version. The focus for the web presence was to find the best way to elegantly serve up dynamic content in a way that is easily digestible for the user.


ROLES: Art Director, Identity/Branding, Layout, Web Design, HTML & CSS Development

Concept / Style Guide / Business Model

Concept / Style Guide / Business Model